Transform your life with the power of mindfulness, consciousness, meditation, introspection and healing work
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A three day life-transforming event designed to unblock what is holding you back, limiting you from reaching greater heights and living the happiest, fullest life you possibly can.




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What can you expect?

  • Using the tools of modern day transformation, psychology, mindfulness and meditation you will create profound shifts in your life.

  • Take your life to new levels of happiness, joy, peace and contentment.

  • Know yourself and live an awakened life from your truest and fullest potential.

  • This program will take your life to new levels of happiness, joy, peace and contentment.

  • You will get to know yourself on a deeper level and learn how to live an awakened life from your truest and fullest potential.


Three seating sections, three different admission tickets.


Your opportunity to immerse yourself in the magic of AWAKEN at an affordable price from a further distance. We want to open up AWAKEN to everybody, giving and teaching the tools of personal transformation so that all people can awaken their minds and open their hearts. Grab your spot at our next AWAKEN for just £98.00.


Middle section seating. Not quite so close to the front, but still close enough to be able to experience AWAKEN with opportunity to work with Dylan.

*This admission does not include any additional sessions listed in the Life-Changer package below.


Experience AWAKEN from a front row seat (maximum 20 spots available).

AWAKEN to the benefits of the profoundly life-changing and soul-transforming opportunity with our Life-Changer admission. Limited to a small, exclusive group of AWAKEN partners worldwide, providing the unprecedented opportunity for exclusive sessions with Dylan, uncover deeper areas of your inner-world and really drill down into the key areas of your life in additional AWAKEN sessions. Over dinner in Canary Wharf, work with Dylan in additional, exclusive sessions on a more one-to-one basis. You will leave these 3-days having even more profound shifts in your life and an exclusive insight into the 5 key areas of you’re life (financial abundance, love, relationships, health and mission). Find out more about the Life-Changer admission here.

The massive thing for me, was a switch in my head. Changing the way I view myself, changing the way I view situations so that I now have control. I have power.
— Anna





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AWAKEN - December 2019
from 98.00
Seating Section:
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See description of seating sections here.




How long are the days?

AWAKEN days begin at 9am and finish at 5pm.

What’s the difference between all 3 prices?

AWAKEN has 3 different seating sections, each priced individually. The very front section, LIFE-CHANGER (limited to just 20 spaces), is priced at £1,500. This admission offers a whole different experience of AWAKEN, making the 3-days even more life-changing and transforming through additional exclusive sessions with Dylan.

The middle section, COMMITTED, is not quite as close to the front but still close enough for the opportunity to work with Dylan. Priced at £350. This admission does not include any exclusive sessions or additions included in the LIFE-CHANGER admission.

The back section, COMMENCE, is your opportunity to experience AWAKEN at an affordable price from a further distance - just £98.

What is a typical daily schedule?

Dylan’s years of experience and immersion in transformation is what makes AWAKEN different from any other transformation program. Dylan’s ability and power to flow with the moment, with no pre-planned sessions, means that he offers YOU, and the rest of the audience, what they need in the moment. He allow his intuition and inner-guidance to lead him through each session, making every session completely different and like no-other. Completely pure, raw and intuitive. The power and beauty is simply only understandable by experience. For those who are keen to know exact times and details, this is a great learning opportunity to live and breathe in the present moment, without obsessing over what is yet to come. Trusting the process and knowing you are guided.

So, as far as a daily schedule, AWAKEN typically begins with an opening meditation session before delving into focused sessions and interventions. There is a break for lunch around midday, and then the day continues with further sessions in the afternoon. This is just a summary as to what a typical day at AWAKEN involves - the schedule is flexible and very much dependent on the audience and what arises in the moment, AWAKENING you to the power and authenticity of the present.

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Where can I find out more?

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