Be responsible

Are you someone who chooses to be responsible in your life, or do you choose to be the victim?

In so many cases in our daily lives, we get to choose between the two.  But when most hear the phrase ‘be responsible’, they often run away... Yet it is a total game changer.

When you choose to be responsible, you consciously direct your life.  You get to be in the driving seat of your life.

When you choose to play victim, you gain sympathy, comfort and innocence. But you also lose your power, and you can’t create the life you want.

Choose responsibility, even though it can be difficult at times. “Most things in life don’t come easy, especially the ones that are worth it.”

Take ownership of all areas of your life.

Love and embrace all parts of yourself. 

Show up in each and every moment.

It’s only from this place, that you can consciously create the kind of life that you want.