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Be responsible

Are you someone who chooses to be responsible in your life, or do you choose to be the victim?

In so many cases in our daily lives, we get to choose between the two.  But when most hear the phrase ‘be responsible’, they often run away... Yet it is a total game changer.

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You get what you accept

What you accept in your life is ultimately what you will get.

There may have been times in your life, where you allowed certain behaviours or people to mistreat you. Sometimes these people need to be told to get lost, but a lot of the time it isn’t their fault.

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Sitting with the unknown

There is growth in actually going into the unknown, despite it being largely uncomfortable, scary and at times frightening. A big part of Awaken is about you delving into the parts of you that are unknown, the parts of you that you have yet not had the courage to explore.

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The Cow Dung

What happens when you leave a pile of cow dung?

It dries up.

If you then take this dry pat of cow dung, ice it and decorate it with sprinkles and maybe a few cherries, really make it look pretty. What I am trying to say using this analogy, is that you can cover up mess with all the smiles, laughter and joy in the world, but underneath it all - the cow shit is still there. It still stinks.

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Step into the unknown

Life’s magic is not in the known, it is in the unknown. The known is of the past. So, when we keep coming from that which is known to us, we continuously bring the past into the present. And the present is the place where the future is designed, created and manifested from. So living from the known, is like literally taking the past and recreating it into the future. Ever wondered why you keep reliving patterns from your past over and over again? This is why.

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Ripple of your inner-world

The result of what you get today in your life and how your life is right now, is a ripple effect of all the little decisions and choices that you have made in your life up until this moment. All of what you have chosen to focus on and what you have invested your energy into, come together to form this very moment.

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To feel is to heal

Quite simply, feeling is the doorway to healing. As a human being, one of our strengths is the ability to feel - to feel and connect emotionally, experience physical sensations and travel through the not-so-linear process of healing.

Oftentimes, the thing that we most don’t want to feel and continue to push down and neglect, is the thing that becomes the unease and causes our problems. This is the thing we most need to allow ourselves to feel, sit with and address. The only way to heal, is literally to rest with it and tend to the wound that needs attention.

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Why am I so exhausted?

Don’t underestimate the power of your subconscious mind. You may not realize it, but in every second, you are training, shaping and molding your subconscious mind. Through your daily actions, words and thoughts, you are sculpting your brain to behaving in a certain way. Near enough all of your behaviours are an unconscious process.

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How to change the world around you

For many of us, we see the notion of change as something that is evolving outside of us, driven by some powerful, external force that is way beyond our control. We feel that we are separate from the happenings of the outside world, and that change is inevitable. More often than not, we think that we are inferior to change. Helpless, innocent and powerless in the face of the magic that change has to bring.

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Answers are Within

For many of us, seeking the answers to life's big questions by looking outside of ourselves - from others, books, internet sources - has become normality. But really, the answers we are so desperately searching for are buried within us. Secured in our hearts, veins and bones.

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