Doors open up when you make a commitment

When you sign the sacred contract and make the commitment to take the first step a whole new level to your life shows up and comes into view. 

And when your life continues to ask “can you trust?” Or “are you ready to take the next step?”, say yes. Take the next step, and the one after, and the next and the next and the next, and so on. Don’t try to cut the route short by jumping and missing a few steps, because when you do, it becomes clear that you’re not living in the now. Focus only on this step, now. 

Eventually, when you look back on your previous steps, you will soon realize the different realities you have passed through. Had you not have taken those previous steps, you wouldn’t have seen the thing you previously saw or done the things you previously did. You wouldn’t be here now, had you not been where you were back there. 

Make the commitment and be prepared for doors to open up. 

Grace Moore