Putting the walls down

If you have moments in your life, where you are not feeling love from your relationships, have you ever considered that an answer to this could be for you to open up to it?

Sometimes we are too scared to be vulnerable, believing that it is considered as a weakness. So we put our walls up. We forget that it actually takes strength to show vulnerability, and to open up.

Inevitably, when we put our walls up, oftentimes, the other person builds their wall up too. You both have your versions as to how this plays out. Perhaps your version is that you get busy, focus in on your work, the one place you get appreciation. So you settle for this minuscule variation of love. 

Don’t settle.

Be brave, stop and own your part in this story.

Acknowledge that maybe you have had your walls up.

Be courageous enough to bring your walls down so love can come in.

The moment you get real with yourself, and you pull those walls down, love will come flooding in.

“Your outside world is a reflection of your inside world. What goes on in the inside, shows on the outside.”

Bob Proctor