Recreating your past into your future

As humans living in a fear-based world it can be easy to recreate our past into the present moment which is then projected into our future to create our reality. 

So when we perceive a past experience as negative we project this negativity directly into our future.

Ever wonder why the same old versions of your story and patterns of your past keep repeating themselves on the internal movie screen - that which is, your life? Are you flummoxed as to why as quickly as you try to run from your past, it always comes back to haunt you?

Here’s why: your brain is doing a dam good job of unconsciously recreating your past into your present, which is then quickly projected to create your future. So your future becomes very much like a mirror of your past. 

The truth: you can’t re-write your past but you can edit your future. Through meditation you can deepen your awareness of your internal movie screen, re-wire your subconscious, awaken your heart and open your mind to seeing and experiencing the beauty of your past, present and future.

Grace Moore