What we resist persists. Resistance is the single biggest reason people don’t shift or clear, resolve, heal. Basically because they don’t want to. Sometimes consciously and other times unconsciously choosing without choosing. The walls we put up may block out the pain but it also blocks out love and joy and all the good stuff.

Resistance keeps us stagnant, gives the illusion that you’re safe, maybe postponing the inevitable. Ultimately we are simply resisting ourselves. Resisting the highest potential version of you showing up. All because of the illusion of safety and self preservation or protection.

Some go to their graves staying “safe” as in never turning the stone and looking at the truth of some matters. Others realise it’s never as bad as the mind made it out to be and all they had to do was exercise courage in their hearts and move beyond their current configuration of who they think they are and how they think life is built for them.

Some resist taking care of their health, some their finances, others resist looking into their hearts and forgiving and letting love in. It takes many forms and it can show up anywhere in our lives.

The sooner we pull the wall down and surrender to the moment, and welcome what arises (as @eckharttolle says) the sooner life can flow through you. In the yoga practice I say “letting go is the advanced pose”. The cost of not letting go, hanging on to our stories in the mind is our dreams, the kind of life we want. The levels of love, joy, peace that we truly desire.

Cease resisting, put down the armour, let go, open, surrender. Come face to face and eye to eye with the thing you’ve been carrying. It’s not as bad as you may think. See it, feel it, give it space. Let it arise and let it move through you. This is the key to healing, feeling, The time is now and you’ve got this. Go forth and claim the life you’ve come here to live. Make it your masterpiece.

Grace Moore