Ripple of your inner-world

The result of what you get today in your life and how your life is right now, is a ripple effect of all the little decisions and choices that you have made in your life up until this moment. All of what you have chosen to focus on and what you have invested your energy into, come together to form this very moment.

So ultimately, if you look at it in this way, your life can be anything you want it to be. You are limitless. There is no limit. The only thing that we perceive to limit us, is ourselves. Our work is to continuously get out of our own way.

How are you getting in your own way?

Rather than continuously saying that you want your life to be better, take action. Actually take the steps. Maybe you have never looked at it in this way before. Consider it. And if you still don’t know? Take the steps to find out.

One thing to always remember, is that it’s not always in the doing. We get caught up with this. We become waylaid with the analysis, engrossed with the need to know the exact steps or routine we need to take to improve our life and ultimately our destiny. But this ‘doing’ only makes up about 20% or less of the overall successful outcome.

Less than 20% is down to technical and strategic action. The remaining 80% is down to the mindset and the emotions - the inner-work. And the more inner-work we do on ourselves, the more we begin to understand that this work actually becomes a greater percentage.

When you make a shift inside, creating changes to your internal world, it initiates a whole ripple effect - like a line of dominoes. Success starts to show up in different ways in your life: from relationships, to money and business opportunities. When you shift internally, all sorts of new things start to show up externally.

So, the real equation? Work on your inner-world and your outer-world will then start to take on your internal reality until eventually, it is an exact reflection of your inner-world.