Sitting with the unknown

There is growth in actually going into the unknown, despite it being largely uncomfortable, scary and at times frightening. A big part of Awaken is about you delving into the parts of you that are unknown, the parts of you that you have yet not had the courage to explore. The parts of you that need healing, need releasing, need compassion. Maybe you have been avoiding these areas for the fear of what they may reveal when explored. Sometimes, we would rather just run away from these parts of ourselves. We perceive them to be our weaknesses, but as a matter of fact, have you ever considered them to be your strengths?

By embracing these, and loving these parts of yourself, that could be your power.

What if the parts of you that you have been running away from, have actually just bought you here somehow and served a purpose in getting you to this moment in your life.

Sometimes, the things which we are running away from, chase us. The things which we resist, resist and push back at us. So by not running away, and sitting with the discomfort of the unknown, staring it in the face and studying it precariously - maybe that is where the real power lies.