Step into the unknown

Life’s magic is not in the known, it is in the unknown. The known is of the past. So, when we keep coming from that which is known to us, we continuously bring the past into the present. And the present is the place where the future is designed, created and manifested from. So living from the known, is like literally taking the past and recreating it into the future. Ever wondered why you keep reliving patterns from your past over and over again? This is why.

Now does it make sense?

The unknown is new. Which makes it scary as hell, yes. I mean, how many people actually welcome the unknown?! How many people love surprises? - and I don’t mean the ones you can control, because these are in a way already known to you and predictable. I’m talking about the REAL unknown. When you really have no clue what is approaching the edge of the cliff. It could be a 10,000ft drop into a lake or the opening to a vast and expansive forest.

New terrains.

Stepping into the unknown is allowing yourself to tap into new terrains within yourself. Exploring the areas that are not known to you. But this is the place where life’s magic exists. Staying in the known feels safe, yes. We can control the known, yes. We know or can at least roughly predict the outcome, yes. There is a part that is ingrained in us to protect. Our primal instincts are there to keep us alive, purely for survival - our fight or flight response.

This part of us that wants to remain in the comfort of the known, the part of us that wants to protect us and keep us alive is not needed in all situations. Sometimes, stepping into the unknown is the very thing that allows us to grow. So when the mind jumps in and tries to convince you of all the reasons not to take that step, relax. Take it as the mind is just making a suggestion. Show thanks for its ability to suggest and offer guidance, but leave it. Keep stepping into the unknown of each moment. Allow yourself to create and procreate together with life. In doing so, you are manifesting magic through you and allowing life to express itself through you moment by moment.

All our work is internal. The moment you start to work internally to shift your inner-world, is the very moment that starts to shift your external world.