The Cow Dung

What happens when you leave a pile of cow dung?

It dries up.

If you then take this dry pat of cow dung, ice it and decorate it with sprinkles and maybe a few cherries, really make it look pretty. What I am trying to say using this analogy, is that you can cover up mess with all the smiles, laughter and joy in the world, but underneath it all - the cow shit is still there. It still stinks.

Sometimes, we even attempt to cut a slice of our cow dung pie and serve it - it still stinks. The shit doesn’t go away.

Fake smiles and cow dung pie - can you see (or smell) the resemblance?

On the surface, we do all of these things to mask how we truly feel. We put on a fake smile and pretend to be fully engaged in conversations when truthfully, we couldn’t be any less interested.

But when we smile from inside, the REAL smile, it comes from the heart. As oppose to a smile just put on to cover something up.

Look out for cow dung pies in your life, as oppose to real cherry pies.