The Illusion of Disconnect

The illusion of disconnect will make you want to hustle and grind. All our problems come from this illusion of separation or disconnect from something greater than our minds and bodies.

Imagine if you were connected to a force field, an energy that pervades all things and non things. An energy that created all things and non things. If you were part of this infinite force field, this energy of creation that is infinitely abundant in all ways, that loves you without condition and guides you and protects you. If you were connected to such a force field, how would you live your life?

Would you have to struggle, force, push, fight your way through life, cheat, steal, try to prove you’re better than others, please others so you’re accepted, seek approval, hustle, grind and all the other disconnected behaviours we do as human beings today? Perhaps the very reason we find ourselves in our predicament today?


Would you know you’re loved without condition because you are love and you are loved, because this is the vibration of the very energy that created you. Would you simply accept yourself, own and live from your worth, trust your inner guidance system, live from a place of abundance? If you were of the essence of this energetic force field of infinite unconditional love simply having a physical experience in this body in this short time called life, wouldn’t you want to use this time as your playground, to have a field day immersing yourself in more of the highest vibrations like love, contribution, peace, joy, happiness, fun, playfulness and other high vibrations?

Maybe we are a spark of this divine energetic force field here to have a field day in this physical existence. Maybe we are love here to experience itself in a different form in a human form. And if you were this energy would you still listen to the little computer in the head and it’s suggestions on how to live and navigate life?

Grace Moore