Trust the next step

As knowledgeable as Google, aka the ‘super computer’ is, it doesn’t hold all of the answers. So the next time you punch your question into a search engine, STOP. Take a moment to ask your own emotional intelligence, aka your heart and the doorway to an even bigger intelligence. 

Stop limiting yourself. When you need your next step, a sign you’re on the right path, Universal support and divine guidance, close your eyes and go in to your heart. As this vital organ what it needs/has to say and be open to receiving its divine wisdom and intelligence.

You don’t have to map out your entire life. There is no one-way route. Detours and diversions are your greatest lessons and your obstacles are moments of exponential growth and expansion.

So stop looking ahead, just take this step, into the now. Not then or when, but now. Surrender your faith and trust to the Universe, to the life beyond your wildest imagination that is your divine guidance.

Grace Moore