Why am I so exhausted?

Don’t underestimate the power of your subconscious mind. You may not realize it, but in every second, you are training, shaping and molding your subconscious mind. Through your daily actions, words and thoughts, you are sculpting your brain to behaving in a certain way. Near enough all of your behaviours are an unconscious process. Every thought process, every word, every action and behaviour - your subconscious will apologetically agree with and deem to be correct. So, be careful what you say to yourself, how your treat yourself and how you behave - for you are subconsciously listening all the while, and as you may be aware - we are what we repeatedly do, think and say.

Start becoming aware of the patterns that repeatedly play out in your mind. Like a broken record, they keep playing over and over and over again until you memorize the lyrics and become an expert artist at performing the melody.

Now is your time to scratch the CD, Dismantle the record, interrupt its chorus and muffle its vocals until it can’t play anymore. This is the real work, the work that you came here to do.