Reawaken and wholly embody your joy for life once more by delving inwards and harnessing your truest potential with reflection, self-enquiry, meditation, guided process and energy healing work.

What is Embody?

Embody combines the beauty of blissful surroundings, relaxation, delicious food and unconditional support with the power of delving inwards to create compelling soul shifts and life transformation. This retreat is purposefully designed to allow you to hit pause, escape the complexities of modern-day life, reflect and rekindle a sense of wonder, perspective and recognition for what matters most in your life.

What can you expect from this retreat?

The Embody Retreat will encourage you to delve into your true self and deepen your practices of meditation and embodiment. The retreat is designed for you to delve into 5 key areas of your life, taking on from your experience at Awaken. You will leave this retreat with a new found connection to yourself, your purpose, and able to step back into your life to create the the life of your dreams, and from an embodied place of power from within.

Surrounded by a team of passionate, highly trained assistants and the companionship of like-minded others, this retreat is sure to give you the guidance, truth and immeasurable courage to move forwards in your life and release that which is holding you back from achieving your true potential.


EMBODY Retreat


When: 21st - 29th Mar 2020

Where: Palmyrah Boutique Hotel, Mannar Island, Sri Lanka

Early Bird: £2500 (ends 1st Oct)

Full Price: £3000

Limited to 34 spaces maximum

** program price does not include flights, accommodation & food

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About Palmyrah

Nestled in a tropical paradise of Palmyrah jungle, in one of the worlds most untouched exotic bird sanctuaries, perched on the white sand island of Mannar, at the northern point of Sri Lanka. You are in excellent hands of 5 star Palmyrah Hotel, while you immerse yourself in your personal transformation journey of Embody.

You will leave this program renewed, transformed and ready to take your life to heights never experienced before. You’re invited to join the small closed intimate group of people ready to take their life’s to new found levels of joy, happiness, inner peace, success in your own definition.

Embody the highest potential and vibration that you are.