Transform your life with the power of mindfulness, consciousness, meditation, introspection and healing work


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Dylan’s journey began when he was six years old, just another little kid growing up on a rubber plantation in North Malaysia. Being one of the smallest kids in school, he used to get beaten. A year or so later after moving to Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, Dylan found himself in his first martial arts class. It wasn’t long before his talent and dedication was acknowledged by his coach. He very quickly evolved in the sport, achieving his black belt by just twelve years of age. From there, Dylan was selected to go on to National level and soon after began training for the 2000 Junior Olympics in Sydney.

Incidentally, looking around at his peers Dylan realised that there was no longer a future in this sport for him. He was being pulled to do something intellectual, working his brain and engaging his mind. He chose to study Computing Science at a university, oversees in Australia. Fast forward to the third year of his degree, Dylan began working in the corporate world.

It was only when Dylan started in the world of corporate that he discovered stress. Hearing about this thing called yoga and meditation and how it could help him manage the stress of living in a highly stressful corporate job, Dylan found a local meditation group and began meditating with them weekly for almost a year. He soon found himself in his first yoga class, where he got hooked. He became fascinated by how yoga, meditation and the practices of personal transformation not only helped to heal his body from old injuries sustained in his previous elite athlete career, but also centered his mind and spirit.

Fast forward another decade, Dylan left his corporate career feeling empty and unsure of what to do next. He travelled to London and began teaching yoga - at first just to a small group of his friends. Beginning from scratch he built one of London’s leading yoga studio’s and community. A decade of teaching yoga globally, founding Hot Power Yoga became the foundation for his life-transforming yoga teacher training programs, mentoring programs, workshops and classes in London as well as the ongoing commitment to his own personal and professional growth. His passionate commitment culminated in Dylan becoming one of UK’s leading yoga teachers. Dylan is now a world class trainer of yoga teachers, training individuals across the globe to awaken themselves to the powerful teachers within.

Delving into transformation, Dylan’s powerful evolution and passion-driven journey led him to discover his why and his purpose - to open hearts and awaken minds through looking within and inner-transformation. AWAKEN was born out of his teacher training program, after people had approached him keen to spread the power of inner-transformation with their ‘non-yoga’ friends.

Whether it’s growing in your personal life and cultivating more positive relationships, shifting your career to something more meaningful, fulfilling your passions and deepest desires, breaking away from that which is holding you back from harnessing your full potential, or simply embracing the profound capacity of personal transformation, Dylan’s expertise, passion and commitment might be just what you need to support, guide and challenge you to changing your life and becoming the best version of YOU.