It all started when…

The Founder of Awaken, Dylan Ayaloo, initially discovered the power of transformation and deep inner-work in his quest for balance from the daily grind of a fast-paced corporate career. He became fascinated by how yoga, meditation and the practices of personal transformation not only helped to heal his body from old injuries sustained in his previous elite athlete career, but also centered his mind and spirit. His powerful evolution and passion-driven journey has since led him to creating Awaken - opening hearts and awakening minds through looking within and inner-transformation.

A decade of teaching yoga globally, founding Hot Power Yoga became the foundation for his life-transforming yoga teacher training programs, mentoring programs, workshops and classes in London as well as the ongoing commitment to his own personal and professional growth. His passionate commitment culminated in Dylan becoming one of UK’s leading yoga teachers. Dylan is now a world class trainer of yoga teachers, training individuals across the globe to awaken themselves to the powerful teachers within.

Dylan’s enthusiasm for sharing the benefits of transformation are not limited to the UK. Every year Dylan travels extensively to deliver workshops, training programs and transformational retreats across Europe, soon to be launching his Embody Retreat in Northern Sri Lanka.

Whether it’s growing in your personal life and cultivating more positive relationships, shifting your career to something more meaningful, fulfilling your passions and deepest desires, breaking away from that which is holding you back from harnessing your full potential, or simply embracing the profound capacity of personal transformations, Dylan’s expertise, passion and commitment might be just what you need to support, guide and challenge you to changing your life and becoming the best version of YOU.